The best online games for iOS and Android: what to play with friends in the summer? (video)

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Hello mobile gamers and channel viewers AppTime Media… Tell me, do you like online games on smartphones? And I too, but the choice is so huge that my eyes run up. If you have a similar situation, then watch this video to the end for the best projects with multiplayer on iOS and Android. I promise the list will be hot. Go!

Video version

Shadow fight arena

And I’ll start with fighting games. Yes, there is Mortal Kombat on mobile phones, but it’s more about collecting cards than real “mahachi”. So let’s look towards Shadow Fight Arena. This project is completely tailored for PvP, where our task is to collect the three most powerful fighters. They will take turns performing in a small arena with a cool background. There are four action buttons, of which you can make combinations; this moment is sharpened during training, as well as battles with bots. An equally important role is played by the virtual joystick: it helps you dodge, bounce and hit in different directions.

Although the game is free-to-play, even after a few days there is no desire to invest your hard-earned money, especially when you found the perfect three and found a winning strategy. In rating battles you get a lot of adrenaline, and the opponents are often of the same level. On Google Play, the project received 4.6 stars out of 5, and this is from almost 500,000 players. Of the minuses, I will note the long wait for the enemy, although maybe this is only such a topic in the CIS? Unsubscribe in the comments, and we move on.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service

If in fighting games you need to constantly shake for victory, then in Totally Reliable Delivery Service you can just “get drunk” with your friends. Look: the mail must be delivered intact, an equally important fact – the game was released on April 1, 2020. This means that a complete orgy is going on in TRDS. There are several orders: for a while, for accuracy and explosiveness. Airplanes, helicopters and ground vehicles will help to achieve the goal. The controls are very naughty, so expect emotion fireworks and barrels of fuel. For completing missions, medals and credits are issued; we use them to buy and customize equipment, as well as characters.

TRDS supports online co-op for up to four people; it is better to play with friends to hear their screams and laughter. Note that not everyone will succeed: although the project can be downloaded for free, the full version is opened for money. At the same time, on Google Play, the game has collected 4.1 stars out of 5 out of 54,000 reviews.

Dead by daylight

Raise your arms or legs, who wants to tickle their nerves? I knew it, then meet – Dead by Daylight. This is a purely mobile theme that is not related to PCs and consoles. In this case, the basis of the gameplay is the same: we repair the generator, hide from the killer and run away through the gate. Sounds easy, but a lot depends on the team. There are several characters to choose from, each of them has its own style; you can also buy or unlock cool abilities or items. For example, someone will not leave traces, someone will feel the killer in the distance, and so on.

DbD differs from other games on this list with its brutality and such optimization itself. I would also like to note the “immorality” of some murderers: they can hurt so much that no donation will save you. That is why the project received only 3.9 stars out of 5 on Google Play.

Battle prime

If any game can compete with Call of Duty Mobile, it is Battle Prime – another mobile shooter with a futuristic setting. It features many modes, from duel, point control and team combat to sniper combat and supremacy. But that’s not all: the game has custom battles with the ability to close the room from random. The gameplay is from the third person, the sound of the shots is enjoyable, and the maximum graphics are missing the inscription “RTX ON”. Another plus is the presence of tackles, which allow you to move away from enemy fire or deftly approach the victim.

The community gave the game a 7.1 out of 10 stars on TapTap… Yes, it was not delivered to Google Play, which is a little strange. But the guys are still happy, only the rating system is a little unfair: +100 points for a win, and -120 for a loss. Well, and random, which can ruin the rink. In general, call your friends and drag them along.

EVE Echoes

Along with the release of EVE Echoes, mobile gamers learned about such a genre as “space sandboxes”. This is a case where you can become a merchant, pirate, captain and the like. The most important thing is to do something and somehow spin. To do this, you need a reliable ship, as well as an alliance (these are local clans). There are different races for roleplaying, some trade in slaves, others love to fight, and still others enjoy luxury. Nevertheless, at the start, you will do the dirty work for the rich, so that later you will take their place. There is even a story that the right hand of the leader of the alliance became a traitor. As the saying goes: “And you, Brutus?”

The project attracts with freedom of action, although in the latest updates the developers spoiled the mood of the players: they introduced resource scans into the most dangerous and tasty sectors, they are also called “lowsecs”. Because of this, not only the prices of minerals sagged, but also the rating of the game on Google Play – 3.8 points out of 5.


Now let’s move on to an isometric survival game called Cyberika. According to the setting, this is a mobile Cyberpunk 2077 with gameplay from Last Day on Earth. That is, our task is to swing, create items and fight with other bandits. For improvements, augmentation is used on different parts of the body; well, you get the idea, right? In addition to health, the character has a level of hunger and crime. The second point will come in handy if you need to go to jail: “aggro” the cops and go to jail. Only trained guys come to the steep and forbidden zones, but the loot there is also more serious. Yes, it is in this zone that you encounter real players who came to kill you. They also hang out in downtown, where there are shops, cafes, nightclubs and even casinos.

In general, Cyberika gets a lot of points from me in the setting, although there is something to strive for. See, if you want to pump quickly and without injecting money, then this will not work. Therefore, do not rush, go through the story, the benefit of the dialogues in Russian and gradually raise your level. The project is worthy, it has 4.3 stars out of 5 on Google Play.

Secret neighbor

Neighbor and catch-up in his house recently appeared on iOS, which is very pleasing. Yes, while the project is crude, but it just came out, so we are waiting for patches. The scheme is simple: we run away from the neighbor, collect the keys and open the basement. Be sure to play with friends, otherwise you will be quickly caught. In general, the gameplay is intense, so standing in one place for a long time is scary and even dangerous to your health. In fact, if you are caught by a neighbor, then the round is lost. Adding complexity is the fact that the killer is hiding in the guise of a fellow teenager. In addition, he can set traps, close doors, and so on.

It’s just as scary to play as Dead by Daylight, the developers are not in vain positioning Secret Neighbor as a “multiplayer horror”. While there is something to strive for: it is necessary to correct management and improve the shadows. But for now we get a real port, which is also free. Yes, there is a monthly subscription – with it, many classes and a neighbor are opened, although you can have fun without it.

Among Us

Among Us is a separate universe with its own memes, victories and defeats. This game has revived the interest of gamers in the genre of social games, where you have to complete tasks and find the killer. This is done like this: we find a lifeless body and start voting; for whom the most votes will be given, he flies into space. This continues until the victims or murderers win.

Although interest in the game is slowly waning, the developers are adding new maps; the last one is Airship. Along with this update, the game brought vertical gameplay and the ability to start in different rooms. Soon we will see a lobby for 15 people, as well as new roles: detective, medic, engineer, and so on. The project is cool, with friends or screaming random people will come in.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Riot Games has released the most popular MOBA for smartphones – Wild Rift. Yes, now Pokemon UNITE has appeared on the horizon, but so far all the cards are in the hands of the ryots. They are constantly releasing updates with new characters, optimizations and events. The contractions are reminiscent of the PC version, although some aspects had to be changed for the sake of touch screens. I am interested in increasing the rating, learning the meta and gathering with friends for loud victories and quiet defeats. If only the punishments for going out in the middle of the rink were fixed. And Wild Rift is head and shoulders above Mobile Legends; this is proven by a 4.2 out of 5 star rating among nearly 1.4 million gamers.

Gwent The Witcher Card Game

And finally, I left the unforgettable GWENT – a card game from CD Projekt RED. Among the advantages, I can note various combinations of cards, even within the same faction. The most important thing: donate does not affect the gameplay, it is purely cosmetic. Balanced decks are provided for newbies to keep them up to date. Then you can already create your own strategy. Among the modes available are classic and seasonal matches, as well as an arena. The last mode delivers: we are given random cards, we have to win with them nine times to get the most delicious reward. In Seasonal Mode, the rules are constantly changing, which adds interest and refreshes the gameplay.

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