The best tank games for Android and IOS: war never changes

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Tank battles are heating up with renewed vigor. This applies not only to the players themselves, but also to mobile projects. Recently, Tank Company Mobile has begun to appear on the horizon. She brought confusion into the ranks of the tankers and now a logical question arose – what is better to play? Tank games are different, so there can be no consensus. In this article, we will tell you about the top projects on iOS and Android, indicating their positive and negative sides. Please indicate in the comments which project you are rooting for and why. Go!

Tank Company Mobile

If NetEase Games decided to conquer the mobile gaming space, then the first flank is the tank one. Tank Company Mobile broke into smartphones and people saw that it was a World of Tanks Blitz clone. But is it really so? The first advantage: the artillery was brought here. Now danger awaits not only around the corner, but also from the air. Battles are held in the 15 vs 15 format, so the mixes will be tough. In addition, there will be fun modes such as gravity and hide and seek. Confused only by the amount of donation, because you can see VIP near the nickname. Perhaps the project will remain in China. If you want to read about the branches of tanks, nations and squads in Tank Company Mobile, then follow the link.

Pico tanks

If you don’t like harsh tanks and scary shots, then you can try Pico Tanks. In terms of graphics, the game resembles Clash Royale or Brawl Stars. In general, a project for the younger generation. Loot boxes meet us on the main menu. You can assemble your tank from the base and the tower, there is also a multi-colored customization. To create new tank parts, you need to collect research (a flask with a green liquid, one of the currencies). Duplicate parts of the tank turn into these flasks.

What’s the gameplay? It’s isometric. There are several modes, one of them is capture the flag. After the round, they show statistics: who did the most damage, who was repaired more, or who made the longest chain of kills. After the victory, we move up the divisions. In addition to capturing flags, you can simply destroy enemies with a command or deliver cargo to the base.

Tanks A Lot

Another cartoon project, only with more insane sets of tanks. The gameplay is again isometric, only the tank is self-guided: we need to tap on the “shot” button. In addition to normal attacks, there is also an ultimate. The first mode is a team detachment. Can be shoved against bots. There is no text chat, but you can choose emoticons. In this mode, you need to kill more opponents in the allotted time than the enemy team. There are also favorite loot boxes; coins and blueprints for new parts fall from them. In general, a rather faceless project, but it will find its fans.

War Machines: Tank Battle

Well, this is closer to the familiar Tanchiki: third-person battles, aiming, a shot, and so on. The project is quite minimalistic in terms of graphics and interface. Tank shots are very arcade. On the battlefield, cartridges, stars, first aid kits, coins and so on can safely float in the air. In general, hello 2000s. The first mode is also a detachment with instant resurrection after death. After a series of murders, an inscription appears on the floor of the screen, but there is no voiceover. At the end of the match, we are shown how many coins and other points have been earned. They are compared: with and without premium. There would be something to pay for. Over time, we acquire new tanks, upgrade and customize them. There is an energy indicator.

Tank stars

In fact, the tanks are very difficult to control and they are not as agile as they are shown to us in mobile games. Here Tank Stars may look like an arcade (in fact, it is an arcade), but the gameplay is interesting: two tanks are fighting in PvP. They practically do not move, only to the left or to the right, as long as there is enough fuel. Then we choose the trajectory of the projectile and hope that it will hit the target. Since there are a lot of tanks, there are also guns, so there are pros and cons in tactics. Various ammunition is also available for shots. For example, you can call a drone; he will fall next to the enemy tank and cause a flurry of shots from the air. In general, an interesting project and not like the others on this list.

Tank hero

Most likely this is the most arcade project presented. It is vertical, reminiscent of Tomb Raider Reloaded: a small arena and a joystick to control. After stopping, the tank starts firing on its own. Between levels we level up and get new abilities (one of three). It turns out the scheme, as in dungeon crawlers: we pump the tank and eventually move through the levels. Over time, boxes, stones, spikes and barrels of fuel appear on the levels; there are also fat mobs. After some levels we meet a boss who shoots in all directions.

Super tank rumble

Okay, maybe Tank Hero isn’t all that arcade. Look, this project is more like CATS from ZeptoLab: we build a tank and go in search of an opponent. Battles take place in automatic mode: one of the tanks wins, and then fires at the enemy infantry again. The only thing we can do is drive back for a tactical advantage. To be honest, the game looks like it was made on the knee and in Paint: everything is cartoonish, and the models practically do not feel 3D depth.

World of Tanks Blitz

We can talk about World of Tanks Blitz forever. This is a good project for its time, but perhaps that time has passed. Wargaming continues to release updates, add new branches of tanks. We even interviewed a company representative about the plans for 2021, but the answers were evasive and with hints of “for our own”. Let’s see what the community is complaining about? This is a bouncing ping and a strange registration of shots. Let’s not forget about the sweet phrases: “Ricochet” and “Armor is not broken.”

The developers hold temporary and seasonal events, promising unique skins, although they can still be purchased later. Well, balance: after level 6, the enemy team begins to destroy yours in two minutes, throws with high-level tanks. The graphics are not so hot and, of course, the release in 2014 speaks for itself. There is no art, which may not please avid fans of sitting out in the bushes and shelling the enemy team from afar. What is the conclusion? The project is still alive and developing, Wargaming is unlikely to just take and abandon it. On the other hand, there are alternatives, you see for yourself.

Armor Age: Tank Wars

This is an isometric theme that looks more like a Company of Heroes. But these are the old tanks with divisions into classes and seizures of territories. Here, the developers give to participate in story missions. If you don’t want to, then the road to PvP battles. By the way, we control not one tank, but a whole detachment. You can give orders to everyone or separately. That is, this game gravitates towards strategies rather than arcade get-togethers. Interesting topic, but the graphics and interface are outdated.

Tank Warfare: PvP Blitz Game

The closing project is reminiscent of War Machines: Tank Battle. Here are the graphics of the level of free CrossFire, as well as money floating in the air, ammunition, first aid kits, and so on. Interestingly, tanks can cut trees. Damage is absorbed willingly, but the recharge is long. The interface is a C, the same can be said about the overall setting. We simply exchange shots with enemy tanks and collect the fallen stars from them. Physics is not the most realistic: some models develop decent speed almost immediately. Only tanks explode with dignity: without fire, just scattering to pieces.

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