The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands beginner’s guide – survival, professions and dungeons

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Creating a new settlement in lands full of dangers is a short description for the game The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands. The game has won many awards and can be seen at a discount. If at the start everything is simple: one worker, a clear sky and a warm fire, then soon everything changes. That is why I decided to write down this guide. It is based on personal experiences in Forsaken Lands, so sit back and listen to my story.

Basic moments

In the beginning, you have few employees; they go to the forest and get wood. At one point, you can build a mill that produces flour and, accordingly, food. At night, you need to craft a torch and leave someone on watch. Everything would be fine, but every resident has a need for sleep, so you need to distribute responsibilities wisely. At first, one person is enough to get food and protect the settlement. To lure more settlers, you need to build a large fire, for this you need a tree.

Night attacks

Now let’s talk about from what or from whom the patrol is set up. At first, these will be wolves, who rather got lost than decided to attack you: two people deal with them pretty quickly. Animals can be skinned for skin. Soon, terrible monsters are added to the eared ones. There should be no problems with them, if you correctly distribute people by profession. Just be prepared for the spiders that come every sixth night: they present a problem in the early stages of the game.


Forsaken Lands has the following activities:

  • Working – before the loss of pulse, extracts materials (by the end of the game there will be a lot of them)
  • Sentinels – protect villagers’ sleep
  • Scouts – explore caves and find different goodies and values
  • Warriors – severe physical strength; these guys accompany you to the caves
  • Alchemists – during the day they cook the Stone of the Sun (needed to improve weapons), and at night they accompany the “cave squad”
  • Travelers – swim the seas and oceans in search of new lands and states with which you can trade or even stay there

What is the correct way to go to the dungeons?

Before that, you must first find them. To do this, we send a scout, give him a leather bag, arrows and a bow in the hope that he will return with good news. If so, a minimum of two alchemists will be required; these guys do this – we give the sage a text to study and wait one day. In addition to alchemists, about four warriors are needed. At the end of the dungeon you will find an ancient text that needs to be deciphered. It helps open up a few things, but we don’t need spoilers.

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