The Bureau: XCOM Declassified – Beginner Tips

How to behave during a fight?

During the fight, you need to hide behind all kinds of cover, such as walls, cars, concrete blocks, and so on. Almost every element of the environment is suitable as a cover.

When sending companions to new positions, try to always place them in cover. Please note that the companions will glow – blue, and the enemy will glow red.

You must be flexible during collisions. If a muton approaches you, quickly change cover, because otherwise it will set you on fire, and cover will not help. With other enemies, you can conduct a standard firefight.

It is also worth trying, if possible, to bypass the enemy. You must first evaluate the area before such a maneuver.

How to recruit agents?

After completing the first mission, you will be able to recruit agents for your squad. To do this, go to the computer on which you are going to participate in the mission and select “Attract a new agent”. Then select one of the four classes, then the subclass, at the end click “Confirm”. You will now be taken to the character selection screen. After making any changes, click “Confirm Setting” at the bottom of the screen. From now on, you can add an agent to a branch (Add to Squad option at the very bottom of the screen).

How to place an order?

Issuing orders is the backbone of almost every battle. To complete this step, you must enter battle mode by pressing the appropriate key. Note that at this point the action slows down significantly, but does not stop completely. So remember that you can still get shot or even killed.

  • 1 – mini-map – opponents (in red), our agents (in blue) and targets (in yellow) are marked on it.
  • 2 – levels – also visible in normal mode. Here you can see a) experience level, b) health level, c) available skills of this agent.
  • 3 – ability menu – it is from this place that we choose the order (ability) and then designate the place of execution. Note that each agent can issue a basic order to a) move and b) shoot.

Please note that some teams have an area limit (for example, a plasma field, a fire mission) – then we must specify a point, and the circle will mark the area of ​​​​effect of this ability. Others are point-based (e.g. movement, critical hit) – in such cases, we must specify a place to move or a specific target (enemy).

How to heal comrades?

To heal a wounded agent, you need to approach him and press the key that appears on the screen. Remember that in order to save a wounded soldier, you always have a time limit, indicated by a red frame around the fallen soldier. If the bar drops to zero, the agent will die.

Also remember that you don’t need to heal the agents yourself. You can also use the Revive ability, which appears whenever a character is injured. This way you can heal Carter if your hero is in a critical situation.


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