The Bureau: XCOM Declassified – Descriptions of weapons that appear in the game.

Weapons in the game are divided into several types. Initially, we use conventional ground equipment. However, over time, we get more powerful laser weapons and, finally, plasma ones. The choice of weapons depends to some extent on the missiles available on the maps.

Although initially we will encounter mainly ammo for terrestrial weapons, so over time, ammo boxes for alien weapons will appear more and more often. In the last stages, we will find practically only energy cartridges that match laser and plasma weapons.

The hero can only carry two weapons and grenades. It’s always a good idea to keep a heavier toy, like a blaster launcher, as a second weapon. In later missions, we often have to face strong opponents, and such weapons will make the fight much easier.

In the absence of ammunition, it is always worth looking at the map. If you don’t find bullet boxes, you must use the weapons left by the enemies.

Standard weapon

  • The M1911 Pistol is a base pistol available from the start of the game. Only useful in the beginning missions when we don’t have anything better at hand.
  • M14 Rifle – machine gun and main weapon in the early stages of the campaign. Works well in collisions at any distance. Accurate, but its firepower is not too great.
  • M1897 Shotgun – The shotgun is useful for close combat, especially during the first missions in the campaign.
  • C 62 Machine Pistol – A submachine gun that fires high-speed bursts. Very useful in the early game during short range combat.
  • The M1903-A4 is a high damage sniper rifle. Useful for ranged fights, although remember to reload after each shot.
  • Frag Grenade is a standard grenade, very useful when fighting against groups of enemies or more powerful opponents.

laser weapons

  • The Scatter Laser is a shotgun useful for close range combat. More efficient than earth.
  • The Laser Pistol is an accurate weapon that does relatively little damage. Only useful in emergency situations when you are fighting weaker opponents.
  • SMG laser is a high speed laser gun. It deals a small amount of damage, but its high rate of fire makes it work well at short to medium ranges.
  • Blaster Launcher is a great rocket launcher. It’s always worth carrying it as a secondary weapon because it’s great against every big enemy.
  • The Laser Pulse Rifle is a very good laser rifle. Due to its high accuracy, it can be fought at any distance, and bursts of fire inflict great damage on opponents.
  • Sticky Grenade – The benefits and uses are similar to the regular grenade, only that this weapon attaches to the chosen target.

Plasma weapons

  • The Heavy Plasma Pistol is a high damage pistol. Its disadvantages are its relatively slow rate of fire and the fact that it has a small magazine.
  • The Plasma Sniper Rifle is a sniper rifle that performs very well in ranged combat.
  • Plasma Cannon is a plasma minigun. He needs some time to start shooting, and then he floods the enemies with a huge amount of bullets. Unfortunately, it’s inaccurate and it’s best to shoot at a group of enemies.
  • The Plasma Assault Cannon is a pretty solid rifle that does a lot of damage. However, its disadvantage is the relatively low rate of fire. It’s also not as accurate as the Laser Pulse Rifle, although its missiles deal massive damage to enemies.
  • The Lightning Cannon is a powerful weapon that deals damage based on how long you hold the fire button. It is only available in the last mission of the campaign.


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