The Bureau: XCOM Declassified – Dispatch Missions

After completing one of the additional operations – Guardian, Grifter or Codebreaker, you will get access to special missions. You do not participate in them personally, but send agents who, after achieving such a task, move to the next level of development. In addition, the completion of any such mission is associated with bonuses in the form of schemes to improve the efficiency of the branch or search for an experienced agent.

Each mission determines the number of points required to complete it. These points determine the total number of agent advancement levels. For example, if you choose a mission with 7 points, you will have to send people with a total experience level of 7. It does not matter whether you decide to send two agents there – one at the fourth and the second at the third level, or you send six people – five in one and one at the second level of development. It is important that the sum of their experience is equal to 7.

If you do not score the required number of points, the mission will not be able to start.

You can send both veterans and new recruits. Remember that after sending an agent on a special task, you will not be able to access it during the classic tasks with your participation (it will appear only after the task is completed).

Below you will find all special missions, requirements for them, as well as prizes. The total amount of experience points required to complete the mission is shown in brackets:

  • Gearing Up (5) – appears after one of three tasks – Guardian, Grifter or Codebreaker. Completing it will earn you the Guardian Pack Schematic.
  • Leader Recovery (7) – appears after completing one of three tasks – Guardian, Matchstick (Grifter) or Code Breaker (Codebreaker). Prize – scout at level 3.
  • Nanotechnology (7) – available after completing the side mission. Completing it will grant you access to the Stabilization Assistance Package.
  • Sleepwalkers (8) – after completing the additional quest Research: Sleepwalkers during the third stay at the base (visiting base III). As a reward for completing the mission, you will receive a Point-Blank Pack scheme that increases damage dealt in short-range battles.
  • Russian (8) – after completing the additional quest Investigation: Storage of things during the third stay at the base (visiting the base III). Reward – engineer at the fourth level.
  • Vendetta (9) – after completing the side quest “Research: Vendetta” and completing one operation or mission. As a reward, you will receive a Blast Protection Pack scheme that protects you better from explosions.
  • Cure (10) – after completing the Cure investigation (Research: Cure). To complete the mission, we will receive the Rupture Pack scheme, which increases the effectiveness in the fight against armored opponents and shields.
  • Flight Test (10) – after completing the Flight Test during the fourth visit to the base. The prize is the Quick Charge Pack circuit, which increases the rate of battery charging.
  • Behind Enemy Lines (10) – After completing the main mission “Not On This Earth”. Reward: Level 3 commando.
  • Claiming What’s Ours (10) – After completing the “Crack in the World” mission. As a reward, you will receive the Corrosive Plasma Pack scheme, which increases the damage dealt by plasma weapons against mechanical targets.
  • Space Junk (10) – after completing the “Crack in the World” mission. The prize is the Health Converter Pack, which reduces the amount of life points in exchange, speeds up the loading of skills.


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