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The class system in Remnant 2 will be completely redesigned

The developers of the third-person soullike shooter Remnant 2 decided to completely rework the class system from the first part. If before the choice only affected the initial equipment, now it will mean much more.

Each class in Remnant 2 has its own arsenal, which includes a distinctive set of armor, three unique weapons, and a special talent. There are also two new features that are unlocked as you gain experience and level up: Class Techniques and Skills. This will give classes unique features that others do not.

Fortunately, the introduction of such major changes does not mean that the developers will limit you in creating a build. Having reached level 7, you can easily change the class chosen at the beginning and continue your passage without starting a new game. All the collected loot will remain, but you will have to upgrade the loot again. In addition, as you play, you can choose a second class, thereby gaining twice as many available techniques, skills and talents.

You can read more details in the official guide at this link.

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