The Crash Dive 2 submarine simulator has been released, get ready for a fun Hell

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Studio Panic Ensues Software has released the sequel to the submarine simulator, Crash Dive 2. Here, the entire screen is crammed with devices, numbers, dates and buttons. But that’s a good thing since this is not a mobile MMORPG. For all the apparent complexity, the developers promise intuitive controls and a lot of arcade fun. We will operate a submarine and attack enemy ships as well as military bases. For an accurate hit, you need to know the ballistics and the distance to the target.

The water looks cool and even pleasant to look at. We will repair individual compartments and take care of the health of the crew. In addition to the main tasks, there are also additional ones. Apparently, you can switch the view from the first person to the “sea map”. There we will see the approaching objects on the radar and will be able to maneuver between the underwater mines. There is a mission generator.

Crash Dive 2 is already available on iOS, Android and PC. This is a premium project. The price of the issue for the three platforms is different. It will be the cheapest on Steam. There is no Russian localization.

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