The creators of MMORPG Area of ​​Attack are looking for beta testers

The Area of ​​Attack project is about to enter the CBT stage. To do this, developers need testers for whom applications are open.

Area of ​​Attack is a mobile MMORPG project. It will be released on iOS and Android, but for now hurry up fill out an application to participate in the beta test. I note that it will require a special purse for NFT transactions. Yes, this is another game in which you can earn money. There will be three classes in Area of ​​Attack: Mage, Warrior and Knight. In terms of gameplay, this is an isometric MMO with auto-fights and grind. As we level up, we will get new vehicles: dragons, motorcycles, and so on. Battles often take place in small Arenas and corridor locations.

There are bosses in Area of ​​Attack, you need cool equipment to defeat them. Where does it fall from? Of course, from loot boxes, one of which can be obtained for free for completing daily tasks. The developers will also add PvP, with its help you will earn more NFT tokens, which are then exchanged for a crypt and withdrawn to your wallet.

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