The creators of the Men of War II strategy released a trailer with gameplay

The developers from Best Way have presented a fresh video with the gameplay of the real-time strategy called Men of War II. In this trailer, we can take a look at the gameplay, which shows the gameplay with the fighting of the Second World War. On them we can see the iconic equipment of those times, like tanks and fighters and so on.

In addition, the trailer demonstrates the destructibility of buildings, landscape and other elements of the environment. The modified Gem RTS engine is responsible for the quality of the above mechanics. The authors also noted that before the end of the year they will tell more information about the upcoming release.

Men of War II (Behind Enemy Lines 2) is the return of the iconic real-time strategy game from Best Way and 1C Entertainment. This time, players can enjoy modern graphics, new types of troops and a lot of fresh features. There is also a more advanced artificial intelligence, dozens of units, almost complete destructibility of the environment and a historically accurate world in the setting of the Second World War. Fans of the campaign will be able to go through the story, and fans of the multiplayer game will fight in battles with each other. To increase replayability, support for modifications is announced: players can create all sorts of scenarios, add soldiers and troops of interest, and much more.

The release of Men of War II is scheduled for 2023, but unfortunately there is no exact date yet.

Men of War II | The Golden Joystick Awards 2022 Trailer

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