The creators of UNDECEMBER have launched a global pre-registration

UNDECEMBER is the mobile killer of Diablo Immortal, which is how domestic and foreign media branded this project from South Korea. As we said in the previous news, the release of the game in the homeland will take place on January 13th. In addition, the received press release speaks of the start of global pre-registration. While the page appeared on Google Play and Steam, registration is available for iOS via official site.

LINE Games promises that the gameplay on PC and smartphones will be different to make the experience more comfortable. In addition, in new versions, the delay between the use of spells and movement will decrease, and the running speed, on the contrary, will increase. The icing on the cake is controller support in the future, but this feature may be delayed on Android.

The world in UNDECEMBER is divided into episodes and regions, two chapters will be available at the start, which will hinder the progress of active players. Read more about the modes and our opinion in the early review.

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