The Crusader update is now available in Lineage 2 Essence

MMORPG Lineage 2 Essence on the Fogeym platform received a Crusader patch with new content, and also acquired two new servers.

The Crusader update added:

  • Changes for the Apostle class and others.
  • New types of weapons, mascots, puppets.
  • New and changed hunting zones.
  • Lots of new tasks and quests.
  • New collections.
  • Nice interface changes, including autosynthesis.
  • Punishment for PvP lovers is a link to the Underground Labyrinth.
  • Interserver territories for research.
  • Dungeons for clan raids and much more.

On the new Plum and Lavender servers, players can start from scratch and, thanks to the events that take place there, quickly develop their characters. Additionally, there is an opportunity to get a variety of items and unique rewards, being at the top of the rating race to increase the level.

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