The date of the announcement of Battlefield 6: Welcome to the Future, Private

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Electronic Arts and DICE have announced that they will be announcing the next Battlefield (probably the sixth installment) in early June. They made it through Twitter account games, not forgetting to attach a small teaser. There are a lot of visual artifacts, and the title of the game at the end looks like it has been compressed many times. Along with the playing title theme, it can be assumed that the actions of the new Battlefield will take place in the future. If you take a closer look at the leaked screenshots here, you can see helicopters of the future or quadcopters. In general, this is definitely not the Second World War, the Cold War and other conflicts of the past.

Battlefield 6 will be announced on June 10th at 17:00 Moscow time. If we are shown a CGI video or cut-scenes, then fears that the game is in the early stages of development will be confirmed.

Along with that, we are awaiting more information on Battlefield Mobile. The trial launch is due to begin this summer, although a full release is slated for 2022.

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