The date of the closed beta test for MMORPG Noah’s Heart has been revealed, hurry up to sign up

Publisher Tencent Mobile revealed when it will be possible to play Noah’s Heart. Are you ready?

Noah’s Heart is a mobile MMORPG that could gear up for a global launch. This is hinted at official site in English where you can apply for CBT. The date of the event is from 21 to 27 December. By the way, one more tip – the time zone is UTC-5 on the site, which corresponds to some countries in North and South America.

How to sign up for Noah’s Heart CBT?

There are three options for this, they are done through the official website:

  • Explore (Explorer) Is a solo tester who is not going to invite friends and is not a media personality
  • Pioneer – a person who will send three posts about Noah’s Heart to his friends and share screenshots for proof
  • Envoy – this option is suitable for content creators and streamers who have more than 10,000 subscribers
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In the coming days, we are promised more information on the upcoming beta test, as well as the conditions for participation. While we are waiting for the official list of countries.

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