The date of the start of the second PTA of the global version of MMORPG Noah’s Heart has become known

Archosaur Games has announced the start date for the second phase of the closed beta testing of the global version of the MMORPG Noah’s Heart. Servers will be open on May 18 at 01:00 Moscow time, but only for the first 6,000 users who log into the game. You can apply on the official website until May 17.

Testing will take place on PC and mobile devices running iOS and Android, and after the end, all accumulated progress will be deleted. As mentioned earlier, the beta client will support the Russian language. All players will receive daily rewards of 2000 diamonds, 2000 coupons and 10 coins of luck.

Recall that on April 13, Noah’s Heart was released in China, and this year it will be available on the global market.

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