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The Division 2 – Dark Zone East Region: Where to Find Chests and How to Open Them

The Darkness Zone is a unique mode in The Division series. The option originally presented in the first part allows you to fight both with other players and with opponents.

The enemies you encounter there will not be easy to destroy. We are talking about both living opponents and those controlled by artificial intelligence.

To fully use the mode, you need to find and open special chests. But this is not an easy task as they are hidden in several places and keys are needed to open them. This guide will show you where to find all the crates in the Eastern region of the Dark Zone.

Location of chests

There are 6 chests in the eastern sector of the zone.

First chest

The first chest is located near the zone, near the main entrance on the map. Follow the northeast to the landmark – the Department of Labor – then clear the place of enemies.

Explore the area in front of the large main building. The chest is in front of a huge office building.

Second chest

A short distance east of the eastern area of ​​the Dark Zone, you will find a second chest. This is Checkpoint Bravo. Go to the place and go down to the underground parking.

There, between the machines, you will meet several elite opponents, but when you kill them, the chest will be yours.

Third chest

The next location is even closer to Bravo. Exit the checkpoint, turn left at the first opportunity, go through the military vehicle and then look to the left where you will find a ladder leading up. Go inside and you will see a chest near a large building.

Fourth chest

The fourth chest is very close to the eastern region of the zone. Turn on the map and find Checkpoint Charlie. Then go northeast.

Your GPS should take you inside the building. Look for a slightly sloping floor. It is here that the box is located – next to the lift.

Fifth chest

You will find the next chest to the east of the previous location. It is located on the street passing between two buildings.

The chest is near the sidewalk, next to the benches.

Sixth chest

You will find another chest in a triangular building. Starting from the Echo point, move southwest.

After walking not too far, you should see a triangular building. Get inside and go down. Next to the laptops and computers you will find a chest in the very corner of the room.

How to open chests and find keys

When you receive the chest, you can open it in two ways:

  1. Hack.
  2. Using the key.

You will not find the keys in certain places, but there are easy ways to get them.

The most popular methods:

Eliminating Elite Enemies – Enemies with yellow health bars may have a key. But there are no guarantees that you will definitely get the key, but it’s still worth a try.

Killing Other Players – When you raise your Rogue status to the appropriate level, you gain the ability to kill other players. Many of them have keys in my backpack.

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