The Division 2 Fast Travel: How to use the system

Even though traveling through virtual Washington may be enjoyable, sooner or later you will need to travel fast.

This guide will tell you when you can use fast travel and how to use it. You will also learn the most important system limitations.

The first thing you need to do is unlock points – safe points on the map.

How to unlock fast travel in The Division 2

To be able to travel, you must first gain access to points and other safe locations. This is not a difficult task, because everything happens at the very beginning of the adventure, without the player’s intervention.

The first such place is the White House – the main base. At the moment, this is the only point where you can quickly move.

Finding items is not a difficult task. Turn on the map, and on it you will see the characteristic points that you need to open.

You will be able to quickly get to the White House, control points and shelters. Uncover as many points on the map as possible in order to efficiently and quickly move around Washington.

How to use fast travel in The Division 2

In Washington, you can quickly travel to previously discovered points or other safe places. There are no distance restrictions.

To go to the selected point, turn on the map, move the cursor over the point and hold the button (you will see it in the lower left corner of the screen). Then wait for the game to load the location.

The only limitation of the system is that you cannot use fast travel during combat.

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