The Division 2 – How to quickly get special technology points (SHD)

Why special SHD technologies are needed

SHD Special Tech Containers in The Division 2 are an item type that can contain SHD points. They can be spent on improving characters, or rather on skills or talents.

SHDs are marked on the map with an orange eagle in a white circle. They cannot be confused with others, but they will become visible only when we open the cache in this region.

An undetected cache is marked with a white house icon. When you approach it, the entrance to the building will be marked. It is not difficult to see it, but after entering the building, you must immediately interact with the object.

It is located on a table, usually in the middle of the room. Only after the interaction, the map will be updated, and the location of the SHD technical storage containers will appear – they are marked with yellow circles on the map.

SHD storage containers are small boxes that are usually placed in the corner of a room. Just walk up to them and interact, and you get one SHD point.

It is worth noting that there are usually other boxes and backpacks with various items around the box. And before moving on, take a look around.

A few notes:

Not all SHD technology containers are readily available.

Sometimes some are protected by enemies.

In order to defeat the enemies, you need to complete a side mission, and often quite a difficult one, for which you will need a squad.

The faster you accumulate as many containers as you can, the faster you will upgrade your character with very useful assets or skills.

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