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The Division 2 – Skills: Assault Drone (Striker, Defender, Bombardier, Repairer)

It is not worth mentioning the advantages of drones. These are small flying devices that help in filming films and photographing from the air.

However, drones were only popularized a few years ago and only the military used this type of equipment before. Drones have also been added to this game.

But we will use them to take pictures or record movies – the four variants of drones available in the game primarily help in combat with enemies, but they can also reflect enemy missiles or upgrade armor.

  1. Percussion – tracks targets and tries to keep them in sight.
  2. Defender – Attempts to deflect incoming missiles with a sound wave emitter mounted under the drone.
  3. Bombardier – The player must set two dots and then the drone drops a series of mini-explosives between them.
  4. Repairman – Refreshes the armor of nearby allies, and can also heal a specific ally.

Drones are a very versatile skill. They are suitable for any play style, although a lot depends on one of the four chosen options for this ability. If there is not a single person in the team who has the “Hive” healing skill, then you should choose the same one in the “Drone” skills.

But, if we are more prone to military action, then it is best to choose the Striker or Bombardier. It is worth noting that drones work best in open areas, although they will be useful indoors.

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