The Division 2 – Skills: Chem Launcher (Amp, Incendiary, Sticky Foam, Oxidizer)

Chemical launcher skills are divided into four variants. They are very diverse and suitable for use in various tactics – both for open combat and in narrow spaces and corridors.

Each of the chemical launcher options is extremely effective, although Sticky Foam works great in tighter spaces, for example. A very versatile application is the Oxidizer and Enhancer.

  1. Amplifier – emits a gas cloud that restores and strengthens the armor of allies.
  2. Incendiary – emits a cloud of gas, the explosion of which can be caused by both explosives and firearms.
  3. Sticky Foam – Crowd Control Launchers eject a sticky substance that immobilizes targets.
  4. Oxidizer – Emits a cloud of corrosive gas that destroys enemy armor, destroys the effects of items related to skills, and deals systematic damage.

Skills are suitable for those who like to fight not only in an area with a small radius. Read the setup options carefully and choose the one that suits your play style.

If you like helping others, you will definitely be interested in the Booster – it instantly affects the armor of allies. In a well-organized team, it is worth having players who have different variations of this skill.

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