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The Division 2 – Skills: Hive (Restorer, Wasp Hive, Resurrector, Booster)

The first of the skills, which has up to four options. His name – Hive – did not appear just like that. Skill is associated with bee-sized micro-drones that have a variety of uses.

They mainly help our teammates, although the Wasp Hive version focuses on the opponents, attacks them and distracts them.

  1. Restorer – Sends repair micro-drones that fix allies’ armor.
  2. Wasp Hive – Sends out micro-drones that attack nearby enemy targets.
  3. Resurrect – Sends out small drones that revive nearby allies that have been knocked down.
  4. Booster – Provides all nearby allies with a stim that increases their combat effectiveness.

Choosing Hive skills is always welcome. Using these abilities, the whole team wins, especially when microdrones fix the armor of all agents or increase combat effectiveness.

A team usually only needs one person with Hive skills. It is also worth noting that if we do not have a team, and we fight, for example, in a team of two people, then the Resurrection option is very useful.

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