The Division 2 – Skills: Turret (Attack, Flamethrower, Sniper)

The Turret skill is very useful on the battlefield, although it must be admitted that closed rooms and narrow corridors are most effective for this skill. But this does not mean that it is useless in open areas.

Turret placement is useful when you know where the enemies are coming from. Due to their characteristic range, they are not always effective in open combat. However, they are great for building battles. Destroying them during the battle itself is much more difficult.

  • Attack – Automatically tracks and attacks enemy targets, but you can manually set it to target a specific enemy.
  • Flamethrower – Ignition turret is manually controlled, and throws out a stream of fire in the form of a cone.
  • Sniper – Shoots large caliber bullets at manually selected targets.

If you like to plan, analyze the area in which you will fight, then this skill is for you. Interestingly, a well-organized team will often have two turret-skilled people, preferably of different types.

The turret is also useful when you are not afraid to be in open combat. The placement of the turrets in relation to the front from which the opponents are coming is of decisive importance in the battle.

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