The Division 2 – Universal weapons: description, types, how to get

In the game you will find a whole arsenal of different weapons from the most common to the rarest.

Universal weapons have a unique look and very high stats. The problem is that they are not so easy to find, and besides, not all of them have been found yet.

How to get a universal weapon

You can get such a weapon only after you spend a long time in the game. Each such item has a unique design, sometimes signed by one of the enemy factions in the game.

Such weapons also have strong and useful benefits.

To get such a weapon, you must have the required agent level. The loot system in The Division 2 is based on rarity levels, and the type of equipment selected depends on the level of the character.

The very first weapon you can get at level 22. Complete tasks that will allow you to quickly earn experience to increase your chances of acquiring weapons.

Rare weapon already found

There is no shortage of weapons in The Division 2, so players have not yet been able to find all the rare options.

Shotgun SPAS-12 Lullaby

This is the first weapon that fans have found. The shotgun is a real beast with 2.1k damage, firing 70 rounds per minute, and a reload time of just over 5 seconds.

Together with Lullaby, we also get an advantage that increases the effectiveness of armor from enemy shots. The second advantage allows you to reload on the move.

The first to receive Lullaby were players who pre-ordered The Division 2.

Ruthless Assault Rifle

It works great as a main weapon. Deals 300 damage and fires 260 bullets per minute. The biggest plus is the advantage due to which the weapon fires not only after pulling the trigger, but also after releasing it.

Thanks to this, Ruthless turns into a rifle that fires two bullets.

The second advantage gives a 5% chance to deal 20% damage to enemies.

Pistol Liberty D50

This is a versatile version of the famous Desert Eagle. Unfortunately, you need to find it yourself, because there is no other way to get weapons.

To do this, you need to get the Capitol Fortress and some parts from the boss. Then complete the following missions on Hard difficulty: Museum of American History, Viewpoint Museum, and Space Administration Headquarters.

The next step is weapon modification, i.e. combining the captured parts with the D50 pistol.

Submachine gun Chatterbox

This is a rare version of the famous P90. To get it, you will need to open the chests in Hien territory, and after finding the parts, create a weapon according to the found scheme.

Karabin Merciless

You can only get this exotic rifle by chance. In short, you must complete a difficult mission and have a character level 30.

But, it’s still worth a try, because each shot with an explosive bullet deals an additional 75 percent damage.

Shotgun SPAS-12 Sweet Dreams

Another version of SPAS is on the list. To get the shotgun, you must rely on luck, because in order to get it, you must complete the mission “Roosevelt’s Fortress” several times on the highest difficulty level.

Sweet Dreams perk – Increases your armor by 35% when you finish off an enemy.

Now we have to wait for the next ones. New models are likely to appear in future updates or with additions.

How to upgrade rare weapons?

The best thing about this weapon is that you can upgrade it. The only limitation is that you must be at the latest level 30 to do this.

Once your hero reaches the right level, use resources and credits to upgrade your weapon stats.

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