The Division 2: Where to find plastic for a 3D printer

How to get plastic for a 3D printer? Why is he so important? In our little guide to The Division 2, we will try to tell you about this valuable and incredibly useful resource.

In The Division 2, you can craft a lot and for a long time, especially when you are trying to get an exotic weapon or a mod. Plastic for a 3D printer (printer filament) is one of the most important components in this task. It is used to improve your workbench and is used in the manufacture of mods, however, it is impossible to find this valuable component in the war-torn Washington.

Although, this is not entirely true. Let’s clear things up a bit. If you’ve played The Division 2 for even a small amount of time, then you already know that loot farming has a huge impact on almost every aspect of the game: leveling up, upgrades, and more. However, you will not be able to find plastic for a 3D printer, even if you are busy looking for it and collecting loot all your free time. It does not drop as a separate item. But this valuable component can be obtained by disassembling certain things that you found during the game. You need to disassemble mods. Two types of mods are suitable for obtaining plastic for a 3D printer: for equipment and for talents. Like any other item of equipment, they can be disassembled and replaced with the necessary component.

Instead of selling mods to merchants for a very modest amount, it’s much better to turn them into something much more useful. This is especially true in the later stages of the passage of The Division 2, when the game moves more and more away from individual specific levels and moves into world shooting ranges. It is at this point that you will certainly want to find as many exotic weapons and mods as possible.

How to Disassemble Mods and Get Plastic for a 3D Printer

To dismantle your mods, open your inventory and at the bottom right, select the options for mods. There you will see a list of items in your inventory, including mods that don’t fit or you don’t need. Naturally, you should not disassemble those mods that you want to use in the future. Think about which ones will suit your play style best and make an informed decision before disassembling the mod. When you select it, you will have the option to expand it.

However, keep in mind that the process of dismantling mods is quite random, so collecting the right amount of plastic for a 3D printer remains a daunting task. It is needed to upgrade the workbench, which can eventually yield exotic materials, but until then, you will have to work hard.

The best ways to find mods

Now one question remains: where to find mods?

You can get mods in different ways:

  • Buy from merchants;
  • Defeat high-level opponents;
  • Receive as a reward for completing missions;
  • Craft;
  • Find during the game.

The easiest way is to buy mods in the store, but this is not the most productive way. After all, few people are willing to spend their hard-earned cash on plastic for a 3D printer.

It is much more correct and efficient to craft mods yourself. This will require a certain amount of consumable components, but they are quite common when exploring the vast territories of Washington. However, there is another, more compelling reason why you should make mods yourself: the higher the level of your workbench, the better the mods created on it will be. Understanding this point is one of the keys to success in the game.

Correct perk

To achieve maximum efficiency when collecting mods, it is advisable to take the best farming perk in The Division 2 – Detection 1 (Detection 1). It allows you to improve loot detection after investing enough resources in a checkpoint. The effect of this perk is very limited in time, but it is still worth picking up to farm the materials needed to craft mods.


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