The Division – Everything you need to know about the Dark Zone

Dark areas are special places on the map where you will encounter both strong opponents and other players. Unlike other zones, there are no such friendly rules here, and each of the players can shoot you in the back. Therefore, when entering these places, you should always be vigilant and have a relatively advanced level. Otherwise, you will be an easy target for others.

Why visit the Dark Zone?

The reason is simple – there is a lot of useful equipment and opportunities to get rich quickly. In these types of places you will find strong AI and live players who often have very good equipment.

In addition, there are also chests with valuable items. Some require special keys to get to. It should be added that if someone has emptied such a chest in front of you, you must wait until its contents are updated.

Valuable items will be marked in yellow in your backpack. You can carry up to six of these elements at the same time. To benefit from them, you must reach the loading area, which is marked on the map. There, the items will be picked up by a helicopter that will appear after a while.

What dangers await in dark areas

On the one hand, the Zones give you the opportunity to get rich quick, but on the other hand, you can also become a victim. Fact – you can deal with another player and grab their gear, but others can do the same to you.

Moreover, death in the zone leads to the loss of: part of the funds, valuable (contaminated) items that you could not deliver to the helicopter zone (this is a level of development that does not depend on the level of “normal”).

What is an indicator of a rebel agent

This status appears when you start a firefight with another player who does not have the “rebellious agent” status. Theoretically, it’s like you’re shooting at an innocent person. What does this lead to? After your character has this status, other players will be able to kill you with impunity – if they attack you, they will not be threatened by the status of “rebel”.

Other players will constantly see your position (the higher the rank, the larger the area where they will see you), and you will probably become a tasty morsel for them. They will receive additional prizes for you. If you die in a “rebel” encounter, you will lose more experience points and items than in a “normal” death. If you can’t reach your body quickly enough after being reborn, other players will be able to take your gear.

The status “rebellious” disappears automatically after a certain period of time or after your death. The more enemies you hurt while you had this status, the longer it will stay with you.

Of course, all of the above information applies to all players – if you see someone with a skull over their head (meaning “rebellious” status), you can kill them and get a good reward.

How to survive in the Dark Zone?

If you want to make your Dark Zone adventure easier, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t trust anyone – even if you managed to create a squad, remember that at any moment someone can shoot you in the back. Even among “friends” be on the lookout.
  2. Try to walk in a group (as far as possible – see point 1) of trusted people. The game allows you to create branches for several people, and with the support of other players, you have a much better chance of survival than in the case of a lonely adventure. You can search for willing players to create a team directly in the game itself or on numerous online forums.
  3. Study the area carefully – opponents can hide everywhere: behind a car, a stone block, or on a narrow street. Therefore, always look around and try to quickly unlock the ability, thanks to which the opponents will be marked on the mini-map.
  4. Return valuable items as quickly as possible – if you manage to get a valuable item, remember that you still have to deliver it to a collection point where a helicopter will pick it up. Not only do you need to get to the selected area, you will have to wait for a helicopter for some time. At each of these moments, you are subject to attacks by opponents and the possibility of losing an item, therefore, having received a valuable item, try to immediately transfer it to a safe place.


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