The Division – How to play to reach the highest level of experience

So, you’ve already played a bit, and you know that when a red circle appears under the character’s feet, you have to dodge it, and the best place to shoot enemies with a flamethrower is the canisters on the back. You may have earned some purple or even gold items and are slowly approaching experience level 30.

You may have noticed that the difficulty level of the game increases significantly over time. The road to thirty is not a stress-free stroll, you need to know when to tighten your teeth and stay behind cover, and when to launch an open assault, we present a set of tactical tips to help you on your way to the end of the game.

The turret is an agent’s best friend

The turret is one of the most useful abilities in the game. Make sure at least one person on the team has it on their equipment. The most important task of the tower is not to deal damage, but to confuse enemies. Enemies will focus on the fire and start closing in, giving players the opportunity to land some accurate headshots. A properly placed turret can also pin down enemies with a fire barrier that prevents you from getting close to the team.

The path of the sniper

The sniper game is very enjoyable – we observe the battlefield from a safe distance, sometimes we destroy enemies with the first shot and awaken fear in the hearts of opponents, forcing them to hide behind cover. Similarly, snipers are one of the most annoying types of villains you will encounter in the game.

When snipers come out of cover to take aim, the area is lit up with a light that resembles the fire of a torch. Focus on them before they can fire, preferably with a strong precision weapon. Snipers do a lot of damage, they should be eliminated as soon as possible.

If you don’t have a sniper on hand, don’t panic – there is an alternative. A player with a light machine gun can kill a sniper with a hail of bullets. The Tactical Advantage talent makes it easier to move between covers, increasing damage dealt. The effect is cumulative, so when we finally get close to the sniper, the shots will be so powerful that you can easily get rid of him.

Are enemies attacking from all sides? Try to stop

When you are fighting a large number of enemies, it is worth finding cover where the attack can only come from one, maximum two directions. Let the enemies come to you. A good example of such a situation is to enter a narrow corridor into a room full of bandits and then leave into the aforementioned corridor. The opponents will follow you and line up under the barrels of the rifles. Do not forget that there is at least one person on the team who will provide first aid.

Use the elements of the environment

If there is no convenient, safe place nearby, then you are probably in a large open space, such as Times Square. In such situations, you should take the opposite position – instead of sitting still and playing as if you were in a narrow corridor, use the terrain to gain an advantage.

Computer opponents are very generous in handing out grenades to agents. If red circles appear all the time, you should retreat to a safe distance.

Watch for markers above the heads of enemies. A grenade icon with a timer indicates that this villain is about to throw a grenade – this is the perfect moment to shoot. In addition to the grenade icon, look for a wrench. They appear above the heads of the bandits who are placing turrets – focus all your firepower on them. Turrets do a lot of damage, so if possible, it’s best not to let them launch at all.

Concentrate fire on one common target

If you’re playing four people against four enemies, for example, the fight will end a lot faster if you’re all shooting the same opponents instead of fighting 1v1. An opponent’s hitpoints will disappear a lot faster under fire from four rifles.

The longer enemies stay alive, the more likely they are to use their deadly tools and abilities. When encountering bosses, always leave it at the end, eliminate the mobs first. The lone boss is very easy to kill by splitting into two groups and shooting in turn from two sides.

A Few General Tips

  • Get in the habit of resurrecting players on the ground after making sure you don’t get under fire yourself, of course.
  • If you are playing with a team, don’t act like you are alone. Nobody likes to play with people who separate from the group, go in the opposite direction, die casually – don’t be selfish.
  • When entering an unknown area, do not pull the trigger when you see the first enemy in the distance. If you see the enemy, but he does not see you yet, then you have a tactical advantage. Use it. Before launching an attack, carefully inspect the area, find the nearest ammo boxes and determine the order in which to destroy the targets.
  • The Division is a game with a focus on multiplayer and co-op, so voice communication is the best way to plan when playing with a team, but some players just don’t like using a microphone. If you turn them on, remember to chat. It won’t replace a microphone or let you plan a complex action, but it’s better than nothing.


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