The Division – How to quickly gain experience and money

Below you will find answers to questions related to gaining experience points and character development, as well as ways to develop the special skills of the main character.

How to get to higher levels

In The Division, almost every action you take increases the amount of experience points, which will allow you to move to a higher level, making the character more powerful. In the game, you can advance up to the 30th level of experience.

You get a small amount of points for small actions, such as killing opponents, helping those in need, completing additional tasks, or searching for various secrets, such as intelligence materials.

Helping civilians, killing opponents, and especially completing missions are some of the opportunities to earn experience points.

You get the most experience points for completing tasks, especially side ones. Although you will always receive the same amount of experience for completing the main mission. But by choosing a higher difficulty level, you will make the opponents stronger, which will give you more points for killing them. In addition, the main tasks can be completed again – this may seem tedious, but on the other hand, you can quickly gain a lot of experience. However, you should know that these will be mainly points for fighting enemies, because you will not receive experience points for completing the mission again.

Another important step is to complete additional tasks that you will encounter when exploring the city, as well as those related to the development of the base (medical, technical and security). It is worth paying special attention to the defense wing – already at the first level of development, you can unlock the skill Experienced agent (Experienced agent), which gives you 10 percent more experience points for everything. The second such asset is Veteran.

How to develop abilities

Unlike typical RPGs, advancing to other levels of experience doesn’t give us access to new abilities. We receive them, thereby expanding our base, namely, three wings: medical, technical and security. It is their expansion, passing through special points associated with the performance of certain tasks, that gives us access to individual abilities, which are divided into three categories: skills, talents and strengths (figure below).

So why do we need the next level of experience? Because thanks to them, the character is usually stronger and can use weapons and equipment at a higher level. If we are at experience level 3 and visit an area where there are opponents at level 20, we will quickly die. But if we develop the character and kill, for example, with a level 20 rifle, entering such a place will no longer be a problem.

How to make money fast

The main way to earn money is to complete the main and additional missions. The first ones can be repeated, and although the funds received after the second and subsequent approaches will not be as large, you will always get some money. It is also worth taking on additional tasks related to the development of the base (wings: medical, technical and security), because you get not only money, but also the resources necessary for the development of the base.

Unnecessary equipment can be dismantled or sold to a trader (1).

There are two more ways – to explore the game world and sell equipment. As you complete your mission and travel around the world, be sure to check all the nooks and crannies, search the bodies of fallen enemies, and look into boxes and chests. Often you will find useful things and money.

Also, sell unused items. Keep in mind that if you don’t want to sell components (you get them when you dismantle pieces of equipment), you can create useful items yourself.

Experience level and rank

As you progress through the game world, your hero will develop in two directions. The first stat is the level of experience you gain by exploring the normal part of the city and doing quests and minor activities (such as helping civilians). Experience points are fixed, which means you won’t lose them when you die. The higher your level, the stronger your character and can use better weapons (a level 3 character cannot use a level 6 rifle, etc.).

You can check your current rank (1) after entering your inventory and selecting a Character card (2).

The rank is associated with the Dark Zone, and you develop it regardless of your experience level. It allows you to visit increasingly dangerous places in the Dark Zone. You get the rank mainly from killing enemies in these zones, but if you die, your rank will gradually decrease. Therefore, sometimes you need to consider whether the risk associated with killing another agent will pay off, or it is better to wait for another opportunity.


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