The Division – Interface, fighting basics, how to get started

Below you will find a set of information that you must read at the beginning of the game. We also described the first steps in the game world and interface.


Initially, the amount of information displayed on the screen during the game can be a little intimidating, especially for the less experienced. But it only takes you a few minutes to quickly figure it all out.

  • 1 – mini-map – it shows all the main events and items next to the hero. These are boxes with ammunition or items, as well as the place where missions start and additional tasks.
  • 1a – the dot in the middle shows the main character.
  • 1b – small cells are located around the mini-map. If one of them starts to glow red, it means that enemies are coming from that direction.
  • 1s is an indicator showing our current target marked on the map.
  • 2 – the current mission target and the distance to the point marked on the map.
  • 3 is the character’s current experience level.
  • 4 – information and tips that appear during the game (in the lower left corner after activation there is a chat window).
  • 5 – markers next to the main character – they appear, for example, when glued to covers and show which key you need to press, for example, to jump over it (as in the case shown in the picture).
  • 6 – information menu associated with the hero.
  • 6a – the current amount of ammunition in the weapon – on top of the bullet, below their total amount.
  • 6b – character’s health level. In some cases, it restores itself, but to refresh it (if life has completely dropped), you should use a first aid kit.
  • 6c – panel of special abilities of the hero. Initially, you can only use one at a time. Along with the advancement to the next levels, its capabilities will increase.
  • 6d – belt with grenade and first aid kits – shows how many each hero has.

Covers and the basics of fighting

The basis of combat in The Division is the use of cover. These are all elements of the environment – walls, cars, etc. Just go to the place and press the key that is responsible for cover. If possible, try to shoot from behind them – going out into the open makes you an easy target.

Obstacles can also be dealt with. The hero will automatically move around the corner of this building or element if you press and hold the move key in the specified direction. If the obstacle is low, you can also hide if you press the appropriate key (PC – Ctrl).

To quickly move between covers, after finding the second shelter, press and hold the key responsible for the shelter.


Try to shoot bursts. The longer you hold the trigger, the greater the spread of bullets (photo above) and the more difficult it is to shoot at the enemy.

There are two ways to shoot – with and without a scope. The first one allows you to better focus on enemies, but its disadvantage is that the hero sticks out from behind cover. Shooting without aiming makes it harder to hit the enemy, but this way you are better protected. In general, it is better to aim at long distances. If you need to act quickly, such as when enemies are approaching you, then shoot without aiming.

Don’t forget to reload your weapon often. If you forgot, then in such cases it is better and faster to change the main weapon to an additional one, which can save your life.

If you want to help some civilian, then there is a high probability that he will get scared and just run away from you.

Trade in equipment for the best – although it seems obvious, it often happens that, having received something of value, we forget about it. Therefore, if possible, check your inventory often, and if you see what you are wearing, for example, outdated weapons, then replace it with a better one.

You can quickly compare the quality of items by level (they are to the right of the description) – the more, the better. Remember that you cannot use items if they are at a higher level than yours. The second option is to compare statistics or look at the arrows on the left – if they are green and displayed, this means that the equipment is better than the one we are using. If they are red and directed downward, then the object is worse than ours.

Use information boards – most often they are located at the bases or near them. Thanks to them, you will quickly find, for example, additional tasks related to the development of individual parts of the base of operations.

How to start the game

The initial stage is a tutorial in which you will learn the basics of movement, shooting, or the ability to use cover. After reaching the first hideout, you will start the first tasks in the game world.

During them, you will wander around the city, and at this moment it is worth exploring every corner. Gather everything you can get your hands on – ammo, items (picture above) and weapons, even if you can’t use them due to too low an experience level. This way you will get a lot of equipment, which you can then sell or dismantle for the parts needed to create new items.


For now, focus mainly on gaining experience points (completing main and additional missions) and accumulating assets. In addition to exploring the world, it is worth helping people in the city who may ask you for, for example, first-aid kits or food. If you have such things and can share them, do so – you will receive experience points, as well as various useful items.


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