The Division – The Best Ways to Develop Your Characters

Do you prefer to play alone? Do you have a group of regular friends with whom you create a well-coordinated team? Or maybe you like games with strangers? There’s something for everyone in The Division – the game features a wide range of skills and weapon types – a range that can be customized to suit your needs and preferences.

Below we present proposals for the creation of extremely lethal and effective agents.

General Tips

Don’t carry the same primary weapons with you. Using two assault rifles will make you dependent on one type of ammo.

If you’re playing alone, it’s better to choose two completely different types of weapons – for example, long and short distances. Group play allows you to experiment with narrowing your specialization.

Find out with your companions which skills you want to use so they don’t get duplicated. A wider range of abilities means more room to maneuver. If you’re playing with strangers without voice communication, pay attention to what skills they use and try something else. It’s not difficult, because the game allows you to exchange skills at any time.

Make sure someone on the team is equipped with the Momentum skill. If you’re playing solo, don’t underestimate this ability.

If you are playing in a large group, remember that at least one person must take the role of a field medic.

The Division is a shooter, but it’s based on RPG mechanics. If you’re a great Battlefield or Call of Duty player, don’t despair when the first few hours of the game get tough. You have probably taken on a challenge and met opponents that require a higher level of experience. Complete tasks at your level and upgrade your base of operations and in no time you will become a horror of hooded bandits.

Accurate shooter

Do you like to see the world through a sniper scope? Sniper is an excellent choice for singles. Powerful headshots will quickly eliminate enemies, which reduces the risk of our target being killed by third parties. Snipers can be a good addition to the team, provided that your comrades provide you with comfortable shooting.

We recommend that you purchase a sniper rifle with a 12x scope. Some weapons of this type provide a useful bonus to XP earned from headshots. As a second weapon, we suggest something that can quickly take out enemies that get too close to you. A good option would be an assault rifle with modifications to improve accuracy and stability. Such a weapon will allow you to keep shooting at enemy heads when there is no ammo for the sniper rifle.


You can buy weapons from the dealer or create them at collection points.

Use the Momentum ability to mark enemies hiding around the corner – you can aim for the head before they jump out and shoot right away. The Tactical Scanner mod makes headshots even more powerful, so it’s a great choice for a sniper.

If you do without first aid, then we recommend a turret as a second option. This will draw the attention of the enemies and will not allow the opponents to go around the flank.

In terms of talents, we recommend equipping yourself with unique and tactical perks so you can always be in the best position on the shooting range.

When modifying weapons, focus on elements that increase damage dealt. A large number of hit points and a reduction in the cooldown of a skill in this case are of secondary importance.


If you don’t feel confident in a sniper and are annoyed by the frequent deaths, you might want to consider playing a tough hero named Tank. This is a kind of character for MMO games. Players in the “tank” role are much more resilient than other members of the battle, they don’t do as much damage, but they are still in the middle of the action.

Their task is to attract the attention of the enemy, conduct a fire barrier and allow the allies to repel enemies from the flank. In a solo game, they will survive hostile attacks much longer than the more “delicate” character types.

The light machine gun is the most important tool in the job. Their shooting is good for their enemies, hinders their free movement and draws the attention of everyone in the area. Killing is not the most important task here, but if you want to kill someone from time to time, apply your modifications to improve stability. The most important thing is to increase the store.

The rest of the weapons are a matter of taste, but we don’t recommend precision rifles. Mods and talents applied to this character’s “class” will limit the sniper’s potential. We recommend shotguns – they will help you quickly get rid of enemies who managed to escape before firing from a heavy rifle.

If you are playing with friends, purchase the Improved Curtain skill. Your comrades will be able to find shelter in a place that is convenient to attack if you focus your attention elsewhere. Camouflage would be the best modification, but if you don’t have a Medic in the group, you can change it to Replenish. One or two players are more likely to be able to use the Mobile Shield – with the Upgrade mod.


We can develop skills, talents and assets as we expand our base of operations.

The natural choice for the second ability would be Momentum and First Aid, especially for singles, but if someone in the group already has it, we suggest choosing a Tower that will effectively put two tanks on the battlefield and the enemies won’t know who to eliminate – player or turret.

Modify your gear to increase your hit points.

combat engineer

If in traditional RPGs you prefer to play with characters focused on summoning allies, then the turret will be your best friend in The Division.

The task of the turret is similar to the tank – it focuses the attention of enemies. Therefore, he is a good companion for lone wolves. Appropriate modifications will expand its strategic capabilities, imposing a negative effect on the status of enemies.

Answer the question, what do you prefer – fire or current. If you like to burn your enemies, choose the Dragon’s Breath and Ignite mods. Electricity proponents should decide to modify Torment in tandem with Intimidation.

Choose modifications that increase the electronics to reduce the reload time of the turret. For balance, select the Tech Support talent to extend its duration.

As with the Tank, you have to spend a second skill slot on Momentum, or possibly First Aid if you’re playing solo, but you can afford to experiment when someone on the team equips them. The Adhesive Charge with Sapper and Chain Reaction talents will make you even more dangerous and provide an additional way to inflict a negative status on opponents.

The engineer’s own weapons are a matter of personal taste, but whatever you choose, we recommend using silencers to reduce the attention of enemies.

Field Medic

Medics in RPGs are like football goalkeepers – they are the backbone of a team’s success. You’ll love the Medic role if you want to help out, but we don’t recommend it for lone wolves. This type of character is made for team play.

The basis of the strategy is the First Aid skill. Its huge advantage is the ability to heal comrades without coming under fire from enemies. Modifying the defibrillator will even allow you to heal from a distance.

As a second skill, we recommend Medical Point. If it’s going to be a long fight, equip it with the Ammo Dispenser Mod so your comrades have ammo.

Don’t forget to replenish your ammo and first aid kits before heading into battle.

In terms of talents, the best choice would be a skill that reduces skill refresh time. The paramedic will force first aid kits to partially heal nearby comrades, which will effectively leave the third tool to heal the team. If your friends die a lot, this will be useful for Brotherhood of Arms, a talent that increases damage resistance after resurrecting a teammate.

Install electronic mods in your inventory to reduce the cooldown. Weapon choice is a minor issue, but we recommend something for long range so you can stay behind the lines and watch if any of your comrades get in trouble.


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