The Division – Tips for Solo Agents

Division is a very popular online shooter from Ubisoft, focused primarily on team play, but there are many reasons why you can play alone.

Do you like testing yourself? Do you have a lone wolf personality and don’t need other people to have fun? Or maybe it’s just the crowds of everyday life that make it impossible to coordinate fun with friends? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then read on – we will suggest how to create an effective character for single player only.

Strength and armor increase

Lone players shouldn’t count on being resurrected by their teammates – they should stay alive for as long as possible. First of all, you should work on increasing the strength attribute by determining how many hit points the agent has. High HP should go hand in hand with high armor. You can have a very long health bar, but if you don’t need a solid defense that guarantees a significant reduction in injuries, it will quickly melt before your eyes when the character is under fire. In the later stages of the game, you will start to encounter weapons that restore hit points for kills – a good choice for singles.

Skill ownership

The assignment of the remaining attribute points depends on individual skills, preferences and play style. Players who prefer a pure shooter-style playstyle and have no problem getting multiple headshots in a row should focus on firearms, while people not entirely confident in their shooting skills and gadget lover should focus on electronics.

The Firearms attribute is responsible for the amount of damage dealt by the weapon. The higher it is, the more damage will be dealt, which means the faster you will win in collisions. Ignoring the “Electronics” attribute will make the agent’s gadgets less effective in combat. But if you notice that during the game you rarely use skills, grenades, various types of ammunition, then this is most likely due to the fact that you deal with standard firearms so well that you do not need this type at all.

A lone player must develop a character in order to have the best chance of surviving in one fight with a large number of enemies.

Similarly, people who like to place turrets, health posts, and throwable grenades frequently will choose to invest in electronics. Destroying enemies with rifles will take a little longer than a character with a high firearms attribute, but the skills will be much more effective and thanks to the reduced cooldown, you will be able to use them much more often.

Invest in healthcare

Solo players have to arm themselves with a Medical Point skill with a regenerative link modification that provides automatic resurrection – you don’t need to explain how useful this is for solo players. Medkits are a great way to get a quick heal, but they won’t do much if the enemies manage to kill you. The First Aid skill may be faster than the Medical Station, but useful mods make the latter a much better healing tool for solo players.

An alternative modification of the medical station can also be useful, but it is recommended to use it temporarily when we run out of ammunition, and then change the modification back to a regenerative cell. The game gives you the ability to change your chosen skills and modifications at any time – use this fact.

Control the crowd

As a second skill, choose a tool that provides so-called “crowd control” – literally translated “crowd control”. In video games, it is supposed to call spells, skills, attacks that affect many opponents at the same time. They usually have a negative effect on opponents. Of course, singles have limited ability to attack multiple targets at once, so they must have some kind of tool to “soften” a group of enemies.

In the Division, we will find several combinations of skills and modifications that fulfill the role of “crowd control”. A good choice would be a load with a flash grenade modification that looks like a mine, equipped with a scatter or a turret with a hit upgrade.

For the skill, select Rescue. You will unlock them in the defense wing. It increases the resistance to damage and the speed of the agent. It also guarantees immunity to negative status effects.

Choose Passive Skills

We have already emphasized that for lone wolves the most important task is to stay alive as long as possible. The same way of thinking should be applied when choosing talents (passive skills) for an agent. Critical condition is almost a mandatory choice. Increase damage resistance after using a first aid kit when we have less hit points. In general, we should use health packs as little as possible – if we use them too often, it’s a sign that we’re playing too risky – but if we use them, the resistance bonus will help to safely return to a calmer position.

The Adrenaline Talent is a fantastic addition to the Critical Condition effect – using a First Aid Kit at full health will grant additional health points. Great thing before you start a hard fight. Kontra will provide additional protection in dangerous situations – reducing the refresh time of skills at low health will help to quickly put a life-saving point.

In the end, one thing is worth emphasizing – the above tips can help you get through the initial stages of the game, but actions at higher difficulty levels can cause a lot of problems for solo players. In the end, we recommend trying the game with other people.

You can experience the pleasure of collaboration even if your friends don’t have the time or desire to play. In any case, we wish good luck to all lone wolves – it will come in handy.


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