The EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 OBT has started: we tell you how to play right now (instructions)

UFC fans are eagerly awaiting the release of UFC Mobile 2. The fact is that the first part is already obsolete by today’s standards. For a long time, nothing was heard about the project, but now Electronic Arts has revealed the veil of secrecy: for the project, MBT started in one country. And there is something to test: fists go through the texture of the face, and the characters fight at the level of Mortal Kombat Mobile. It takes energy to fight. Players differ in their level of rarity (gacha). In general, the matches are boring. The game has a storyline campaign, it is divided into chapters. Awards are given for passing. Often they require a “team level”, which is collected from all the fighters in the team (maximum five).

Now let’s talk about where the beta test takes place and how to download the game. Below the video, you will find the system requirements. First, about the platform: testing is open to Android; EA promises to do a test for iOS, but for now it’s in the plans. Players from the Philippines, as well as guys with a VPN configured, will be able to participate in beta testing.

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EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 is coming to iOS and Android in 2021. It will be a shareware project with all that it implies. The system requirements are as follows:

  • OS version: Android Lollipop 5.0 or higher
  • RAM: 2 GB or higher
  • CPU: four cores, 1.4 GHz with support for OpenGL 3.0 or higher

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