The Elder Scrolls Blades download torrent For PC

The Elder Scrolls Blades download torrent

Feel free to download The Elder Scrolls Blades from the torrent, because this is a real event for fans of mobile video games! The legendary series has reached phones and tablets and is already winning millions of hearts around the globe.

Story line

Alas, you will not find a deep history and a rich world here. This is due to the fact that the game was developed for mobile devices and simply cannot fit a large amount of information. There is no connection with past parts, there are no new details from the history of the series, there is no open world. All we have is a random Tamriel city that has been destroyed by aggressive raiders, and hundreds of dungeons to clear over and over again. Your main task is to rebuild the ruined city anew.

Game process

By downloading The Elder Scrolls Blades from a torrent, you will get an excellent and well-made mobile game that is a mixture of several genres. The first is your city. You give him a name and he is the heart of the whole story. Here you spend the accumulated resources, build houses, communicate with the local population. You can also take on a quest, repair armor or buy a new sword only in the city. Tasks are divided into two types. The main ones are needed in order to advance you step by step through the plot and bring useful characters to the city. Side tasks, in turn, are simpler and shorter. They are needed to earn money or bring additional resources to your town. When you take the task and poke on the “start” button, the hero enters the second part of the gameplay. The so-called “dungeons”. They are quite straightforward and rare forks end in dead ends. All these levels are built randomly, and your task is to clear all the monsters or find a useful item. Did you complete the task? Alright, time to head back to town. And so on in an endless circle. The combat system is mixed. The stamina bar is consumed when using combat skills. For magic spells, respectively, there is a mana scale. You can create a warrior who will not use magic, but who can smash everything to pieces with physical attacks. Or choose a magician who fights extremely weakly, but can conjure – be healthy! But it’s still better to make a mixed fighter and take advantage of both. Attacks, strong blows, shield blocks – everything is done in a classic way and fans of the series will seem familiar and familiar.

Features The Elder Scrolls Blades

  • Series recognition. Yes, the game of stars from the sky is not enough, and compared to its predecessors, it is inferior on all fronts. But do not forget that it was designed for mobile platforms. All the same, the universe of The Elder Scrolls reminds of itself and there is no feeling that you are playing plagiarism. Familiar landscapes, monsters, combat system and spells. A kind of mini-copy of so dear and beloved “scrolls”;
  • Graphics and design. For a mobile game, the project looks more than impressive. Beautiful landscapes with detailed drawing, monsters, the city and its inhabitants. Everything looks very good and there can be no complaints against artists and developers;
  • Drop system for chests and boxes. For mobile games, this is quite normal, but to see this in the universe of The Elder Scrolls is amazing and funny. There is even an option to skip a dungeon simply by paying a certain amount of in-game money. But you should not get carried away with this, because the money can quickly run out, and the very meaning of the game is lost.

Download The Elder Scrolls Blades from the torrent is worth it. The best RPG of its genre for mobile platforms at the moment.

System requirements


The Elder Scrolls Blades download torrent
The Elder Scrolls Blades download torrent
The Elder Scrolls Blades download torrent
The Elder Scrolls Blades download torrent

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