The Eternal Cylinder download torrent For PC

The Eternal Cylinder download torrent For PC GTA III - Criminal Organizations

The Eternal Cylinder download torrent

Size: 6.79 GB | Seeds: 453 Lychees: 36

The Eternal Cylinder download torrent of an exciting adventure game with elements of a role-playing simulator. The game is very reminiscent of Store – one of the most famous games of this genre, where users need to develop bacteria and small microorganisms. Here you will have approximately the same task. Take control of some objects of vital activity, choosing your own path of development. Improve them, upgrade, improve and grow the way you want.

Story line

The storyline is very long, and it takes a long time to complete. The game is by no means dynamic, everything happens slowly, leisurely. Enjoy the magnificent landscapes of unique colorful locations while watching your microorganisms develop and grow. Immerse yourself in a world that you have never seen before. Study it, explore, improving your characters in parallel. They will grow with you, developing and becoming more and more impressive, both in size and in characteristics. Since the game has only an early access prefix so far, we cannot determine all the features and unique innovations. So far, the user cannot experience all that awaits him in the full-scale version. The most interesting game mode is Survival. You need to survive by creating your organisms and constantly evolve, fighting for life. All this will be with the support of the environment, to which, by the way, you need to adapt. Not all organisms will be able to withstand the dynamic change of weather conditions and time of day. Characters only after a few in-game months become large. And only after that the battles begin. Although before you survive and fight for a place under the sun. Each microorganism, animal or just an object of vital activity has its own characteristics and uniqueness. It all depends on who exactly you chose at the very beginning of the game. Use the special skills of the heroes, applying them in extreme situations. For some animals, it will be better to let go of wool, build small places for themselves to rest, sleep and protect themselves from other animals, etc. Most of the animals here are fictional and unique. Download The Eternal Cylinder torrent and enjoy the great gameplay with gorgeous graphic landscapes.

Game process

The gameplay looks original, interesting and new. Many people call this game Store for Survival. In fact, that’s the way it is. Only the world here is much more beautiful and attractive, which is good news. Immerse yourself in these magical landscapes and mesmerizing views of the surrounding places, looking at the beauty of the night and day sky. The game actively changes the weather and other climatic conditions. And each animal should adapt to this. Sometimes for your hero this can be fatal. Luckily, you have several. An interesting feature is that you will always be in danger. The fact is that in this fictional world from time to time a certain huge ball flies on living beings, which blows everything in its path and leaves no one alive. And all living beings unanimously blow their feet time after time when they see him. Some people just can’t escape.

Features of The Eternal Cylinder

  • adventure arcade;
  • cultivation of one’s own living beings;
  • fight for life, survival;
  • freedom of action and choice;
  • character development;
  • procedurally generated world;
  • beautiful graphics, gorgeous landscapes;
  • early access.

Downloading The Eternal Cylinder torrent is a must for all lovers of arcade adventure games.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bits)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4460
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Video card: GTX 1060


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