The European release of Lineage W will take place only in 2022

During a conference call with investors on Q3 2021 earnings, CFO Won-Joon Hong talked about the future of Lineage W. He confirmed that new regions, including Europe and the United States, will not release the game until 2022. The exact dates are not yet known.

In addition, an NCSOFT employee spoke about the success of Lineage W. Thus, in the period from November 4 to 10, the average daily profit was 12 billion won (720 million rubles). Online is growing steadily and on November 10, the maximum number of players was recorded, although the exact results are not called due to privacy policy. The number of servers has already been increased from 108 to 132, but due to the growing popularity, additional servers will be opened on November 12.

The CFO confirmed that when Lineage W is launched in Western countries, some changes are required to meet market needs. Which ones – he did not specify, but promised to try to leave the basis unchanged.

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