The fearless Urgot became the new champion of League of Legends: Wild Rift

Mobile MOBA League of Legends: Wild Rift has received a major update 4.1, adding a new champion named Urgot. It is well known to the players of the PC League, and now users of mobile devices will be able to appreciate it.

Urgot is a Warrior class champion with the following skills:

  • fire echo (Passive) – If Urgot auto-attacks or uses Purge against an enemy, flames periodically erupt from his paws, dealing Physical damage.
  • Corrosive Charge – Urgot fires an explosive projectile at the target location, dealing physical damage to all enemies in the area of ​​the explosion and slowing them down.
  • Cleanup Urgot unloads his weapon at nearby enemies while slowing down. Preference is given to enemies that Urgot has recently hit with other skills. A Fire Echo can be triggered.
  • Contempt – Urgot dashes in the chosen direction, trampling minions and monsters, as well as laying a shield on himself. When it catches an enemy champion, it stops and knocks it out of its path.
  • Stronger than the fear of death (ultimate) – Urgot activates a chem-tech drill that pierces the first enemy champion it hits. If this champion’s health falls below a certain threshold, Urgot recognizes him as weak and may execute him.

In the update, the developers also added new items for Tank class champions and changed some old ones, made balance changes, removed the mechanics of regenerating inhibitors, reduced the waiting period between the appearance of a monster and the moment when it becomes susceptible to damage. You can find the full list of changes on the official website.

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