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The final of the “King of the Seas II” tournament for “World of Ships” begins

Lesta Games is launching the finals of the King of the Seas II tournament for the multiplayer action game World of Ships. The 16 best teams were determined based on the results of the group stage among 72 teams. Now they will have to fight for the main prize of the tournament in the amount of 2,000,000 rubles, which will be distributed between 1-4 places. In-game rewards and memorabilia in honor of this esports event are also promised.

The tournament’s playoffs and finals will be broadcast live on June 8 and 9, with viewers able to earn rewards for their time spent watching. Those who watch 240 minutes will be awarded 5 consumable “King of the Seas” camouflages and one of the random prizes: a “Special Ship X” container, two Super Containers, two-week access to the Ship Premium Account, ten “Rare Bonuses” containers, either 1000 or 2000 Unity tokens.

“We continue to expand our expertise in the field of esports – more than 14,000 unique viewers watched the group stage broadcasts. The experience of our team is growing, the quality of broadcasts is growing and the interest of the audience is growing! This result suggests that we are on the right track,” said Roman Efremov, operational director of World of Ships.

Below is a table describing the awards for teams that took 1-80 places in the tournament.

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