The final part of the “Secret War” update for Warface has been released

MY.GAMES has released the third and final installment of the Secret War update for the multiplayer first-person shooter Warface. Basically, this update is aimed at adding new weapons and equipment.

The new content is as follows:

  • KAC PDW – Compact assault rifle with excellent damage, range and rate of fire.
  • TX-15 SBR – Submachine gun on AR-15 platform with good range and high rate of fire, but higher recoil and lower aiming speed.
  • Hammer set – Includes the appearance of a fighter, a series of weapons and camouflages “Iceberg”, as well as a new weapon – Tavor CTAR-21 Special in the production version.
  • Series “Claw” – Includes Chiappa Triple Threat Claw and DVL-10 M2 Claw.
  • New contracts

You can read about the previous parts of the “Secret War” update for Warface at the following links: first, second.

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