The final part of the Spirits of Amazonia add-on for Green Hell has been released

Creepy Jar Studio has released the third and final part of the Spirits of Amazonia major add-on for the Green Hell survival simulator. It is available for free to all owners of the base game.

In the first part of the add-on, players were once again able to play as the protagonist of the main campaign, Jake, who for the first time made friends with the Amazonian tribe. The second part continued his journey, introducing a new hunting tribe, new animals and new weapons. In the third part, Jake’s adventure comes to its logical conclusion.

A short list of innovations is as follows:

  • New plot to complete Jake’s story
  • New fishing tribe Habukku
  • Three ritual arenas dedicated to each of the tribes
  • New region with many locations to explore
  • 4 new legends
  • The new enemy is the centipede
  • 2 new activities, 2 new weapons, new pottery mechanics and more.

At the moment, the Spirits of Amazonia expansion is only available on PC, but will be released on consoles in the future.

Green Hell - Spirits of Amazonia 3 - Release Trailer

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