The first dungeon appeared in the “diabloid” Last Epoch

The isometric Action RPG Last Epoch has a major update to Eternal Legends, adding a dungeon called Temporal Sanctum. This is the first of many planned dungeons coming in the future.

You can get into Temporal Sanctum only if you have a key that drops out from rare enemies and bosses from endgame zones. Upon death or exit, the passage ends and you will have to look for a new key. You can also use special modifiers to increase the difficulty and increase the reward.

The update also brought with it other important innovations. So, the Eternity Cache system appeared, which allows you to combine two powerful equipment to get a legendary one. The crafting system has been completely overhauled. The Druid class has undergone a complete rework and has received many new and changed abilities. The Primalist and Rouge classes also have new skills. Not without numerous balance and gameplay tweaks.

You can find the full list of changes in the Eternal Legends patch on the official website.

Last Epoch - Eternal Legends Update | Gameplay Trailer

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