The first group dungeon will appear in Black Desert this summer

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The Russian-language version of Black Desert will soon be replenished with the first group dungeon for five people called Atoraxion. An update with him will be released this summer, as reported by the developers in a new video.

Created by the “Sage of the Past” Roks Maha Deciya, Atoraxion was a springboard for the creation of an army of Ancient Weapons to oppose the Black Spirits. The dungeon itself has four thematic sublevels, which will open gradually: desert, underwater world, valley and forest.

Also, the dungeon will have different difficulty on different servers. Elvia’s servers will receive a higher entry threshold: 280 attacks and 340 defense are required to pass. Regular servers will require Narsillan gear or Tuval’s seasonal set of 250 attacks and 300 defense.

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