The first issue of Men of War II dev diaries is devoted to the history of the series and the game itself

Best Way has published the first issue of RTS Dev Diaries titled Men of War II. The video can be conditionally divided into two parts: in the first we are told the history of the entire series, starting with Soldiers: Heroes of World War II in 2004, and in the second we are talking specifically about the upcoming new product.

Men of War II will offer two story campaigns with battles that really took place on the Western and Eastern fronts. It will be allowed to pass it both alone and in a cooperative of five people. As you progress, players will be able to upgrade the army, getting better equipment and capabilities. There will be three factions to choose from: the Allies, the Soviet Union and the Third Reich. They are promised to be varied and historically accurate. A large number of weapons, equipment and special abilities are also declared.

Men of War II will be released in 2022 on PC via Steam. A more precise date is planned to be announced in the near future.

Men of War II — Dev Diary #1

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