Hello everyone, this is the first collection of mobile news this year:

The authors of Auto Chess saw a mob based on it. Along the way, Ryot’s scheme haunts – a mob, autochess and CCI. The same concept is present in MLBB – also autochess and, like, CCI, only an option in the live version, not step-by-step. I doubt that something can squeeze MLBB on the Russian market, and now even after the release of Lol: Wild Rift, but we’ll see. Tencent owns 100% of Riot and part of Dragonest, stuffing eggs into different baskets is definitely theirs. Although I still like Chess Rush the most of all Auto Chess, well, sweetie!

According to App Annie Garena, Free Fire has been the most downloaded mobile game in its second year. Oh-oh, well, as usual, I’m streaming or not; _).

NAVI announced a partnership with Plarium, the developer of RAID: Shadow Legends. Honestly, hell knows what will result from this, but something will happen, we will wait.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes generated more than $ 1.2 billion, or 98% of mobile gaming revenue. The developers no longer support star Wars, the rest of the games. From what I’ve seen it’s the same RAID: Shadow Legends on the gameplay only Star Wars =).

SuperData Research provided a report for the year on income from the gaming industry: $ 126.6 billion, where $ 73.8 billion came from a mobile phone, total growth of 12%, a mobile phone 10%, the lion’s share of 78% is free-to-play while my expectations are met.

According to the jump according to information from SensorTower, top-1 on Android Among Us, for December, on iOS Call of Duty Mobile.

Top 10 Income In December: Arena of Valor, PUBG Mobile, Genshin Impact, Pokémon Go, Roblox, Coin Master, Fate / Grand Order, Rise of Kingdoms, Garena Free Fire, Homescapes. The first two are Tencent and the main revenue from China, of course, we don’t even have such a name as Honor of Kings, we have it Arena Of Valor. Genshin still holds the bar, Mihoyo are handsome. And on the channel nodonation_mobile Honkai Impact from the same studio wins the vote on Friday, we have already reached the final lesson (Final Lesson) in the 9th chapter, where it is impossible not to cry. The game is not Russified, we listen to Japanese voice acting, translate English subs on the fly.

Today is Thursday, which means it’s time for the regular drawing of prizes for Last Day on Earth: Survival. Fly to stream on trovo and try your chances for provisions, coins or a folder with rare blueprints.

On Sundays, the channel’s nishtyaks have already become traditional, and these are noudons, levels, all sorts of tricks, the coolest of which is to take a streamer to “weak”. Join in!

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