The first stage of the “Dark Secrets” event for the space action Star Conflict has started

Star Gem Studio has announced the start of the first stage of the “Dark Secrets” event with many rewards for the space MMO action Star Conflict. This stage contains 40 levels, of which the first and every fifth are free. To open the rest of the rewards, you need to purchase a special pass.

During the event, players can get various taunts, bonuses, stickers, and, most importantly, a special part of the four required to create a new powerful ship called the Kusarigama.

In addition, the new mission “Easy in Seven Ways” became available to pilots, where they need to hold back the onslaught of the Jericho vanguard until the main forces arrive. Players who take rating places in the passage of this PvE activity will receive rewards in the form of monocrystals and GS.

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