The free session shooter Hired Ops, formerly known as Contract Wars Standalone, has been released

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The session shooter Hired Ops (ex. Contract Wars Standalone), which has been in the early access stage for a long time, has finally been released. Along with this, the game also launched a fresh operation “Snake Bite”.

Snake Bite will allow you to receive special rewards and operation badges for completing tasks, as well as winning matches. For example, in this way it is possible to earn the SMG-45 submachine gun, unique camouflages for the Scouts, and fresh weapon modifications. The operation will be available until May 16, 2021.

Hired Ops is an online shooter with dynamic session battles in which you have to take one of the sides between opposing groups of mercenaries: Battle Encounter Assault Regiment (BEAR for short) and United Security (USEC). The first, as usual, is represented by former special forces officers from Russia, the second, by former special forces of the United States and Europe. Players can fight on small maps with each other using firearms.

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