The gameplay of the multiplayer game in the Horizon Forbidden West universe was leaked to the network

For quite a long time, a multiplayer project in the Horizon Forbidden West universe has been in development. Now we have the opportunity to look at the full gameplay, thanks to a recent leak. Note, however, that this is an early version and does not reflect the quality of the final version.

Apparently, the graphics in the game will be noticeably different from the original dilogy. The novelty will be made in a cartoon style reminiscent of Fortnite. In the video, we can see the movement through various locations, battles with enemies, collecting loot, photo mode and more. The gameplay is shown for several different characters – it is not yet clear whether they are separate heroes or players will be able to customize their appearance.

According to a recent leak, a multiplayer game set in the Horizon Forbidden West universe is being developed for PC and PlayStation 5.

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