The global launch of the mobile MMORPG Moonlight Sculptor from the creators of ArcheAge

XLGAMES studio, known for the computer MMORPG ArcheAge, has released a new mobile game called Moonlight Sculptor. You can download it for free in the Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS) stores. Russian language is not supported.

Together with the global release, the developers launched several events that allow you to receive various gifts for completing special tasks. Players can also claim pre-registration rewards, including an exclusive costume. To do this, you must enter the following codes: breezy1, breezy2 and breezy3.

Moonlight Sculptor is a mobile MMORPG based on the popular novel “The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor” by Nam Hee Sun. The action takes place in the virtual reality game Royal Road.

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