The global version of the Phun Wars shooter is out on Android, who was waiting for it?

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We last heard of Phun Wars in November 2020. Then the game entered Early Access mode on Android. Now the moment has come for a global release. This is a first-person shooter that tries to repeat the success of Call of Duty Mobile or at least Standoff 2. The game has several modes: mine clearance, zombie destruction and capture the flag. On weak devices, there may be lags; if the enemy left ahead of time, then they can count the victory. The graphics directly scream: “I was made on Unity.” Textures can be drawn in front of the nose.

Before the match, you can choose a body kit. In addition to the firearm, the enemy can be “plugged” with a foot. Local locations are some kind of Vietnamese jungle, where it will be very difficult for snipers to simply find their target. At the same time, the cards are large and open, so that the enemy can run up from any side. And yes, the animation of the models is definitely not up to par.

Phun Wars is already available on Android. This is a shareware project with advertising and microtransactions up to 990 rubles per item. There is no information about the iOS version.

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