The Haven Star adventure with the walking dead has been released

The Haven Star is a third person survival adventure. We have to travel in the wild, get food and try not to die. Corridor locations, the gameplay is similar to typical survival games, especially since soon after the start we begin to destroy the walking dead with a bat and firearms. In addition, you will have to cut down trees. The developers say that we can build our base (more like a residential building).

The interface seems uncluttered, although the inventory does not look modern due to the squares and rectangles. Unity Asset-Level Graphics. Since the Chinese characters are visible in the game, we can safely assume the country of origin of the game. The project is given 3.1 stars, most of the reviews are one or five stars. Some people complain that they require Wi-Fi to play, while the mobile network is not suitable.

The Haven Star is already available on Android. Apparently this is a free project (according to Google Play). There is no information about the version for iOS.

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