The Last Maverick: Raft is suddenly a good survivor

The Last Maverick: Raft is a raft survival game released on Google Play. If you are new to the genre, then at the start there will be plot training with a male traitor. You will be taught to expand the raft, break unnecessary blocks, craft a grappling hook and even go to the open sea to get to the islands.

In The Last Maverick: Raft, your worst enemy is the shark. You can get rid of it, but it will certainly reduce your health and strength. The graphics in this game are a little outdated, and the sound effects are not enough. In the meantime, there is a Russian language and a bracelet with tasks that will help you “stand on your feet.”

A raft with a suitcase in The Last Maverick: Raft
Here is a small suitcase with belongings at the start of The Last Maverick: Raft.

Over time, the raft in The Last Maverick: Raft will be able to install furniture: chairs, a bed, a workbench, a water purifier, and so on. In some, it may even be possible to create a ballista to protect a raft or a hotel overlooking the sea. By the way, the developers of this game promise multiplayer in the future.

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