The Lost Mystic Ornament – indie action game with dry graphics and greetings from India

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The guys from Machau Games India studio developed the action game The Lost Mystic Ornament. It has third-person gameplay, touch controls and good graphics at first glance. But after the first step of the character, all hopes and sand castles collapse: here is a completely empty world. Imagine: our warrior runs around the castle with a burning weapon, and goblins occasionally attack him. No flasks, no destructible boxes with secret chests; nothing.

The graphics are also not so hot, she screams: “I was made on Unreal Engine 4”. And yes, our task is to fight off the small waves of goblins for a minute with a penny. The developers promise that players will be able to “forge their own destiny”, and that there is no malicious donation in the game. We should give them their due: when we hit the enemy, he is slightly pushed to the side, that is, the model registers the blow.

The Lost Mystic Ornament is available on Android. This is a shareware project with ads and microtransactions up to 7 390 rubles per item… If you believe TapTap, then the project will be released on iOS “soon”.

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